Litigation Support

We frequently provide expert testimony and analysis in court, whether it applies to valuation issues or tax implications.


In cases of divorce, we often provide tax analysis. For example, selling rental property and splitting the proceeds has tax consequences. We assist the lawyer in demonstrating the value of the marital assets so the judge can make a fair division.Often, there is a business owned by one or both parties in the divorce. Whether the business is being sold or not may affect its value in divorce court.

In some states, a discount is applied to the valuation of the business if one of the principals will no longer be working there when it is sold. But if you are not actually selling the business, no discount is applied to the value, even though a principal may still be leaving.
We will advise you of the impact of any proposed transaction.


Collection litigation is another area where we specialize. We help clients with explanatory documentation of their accounts receivable so they can ultimately collect the amount due.