Robert Pilkington, Ed.D.


Robert Pilkington, Ed.D.

As a charter school superintendent, I have worked with Dittmar, McNeil & Varone CPAs Inc. in four different districts since 1999. During that time, they have performed either general business management duties or served as auditors. Since the complexity of the state’s financial reporting system is profound, I need the most capable firm to handle our management and reporting. Dittmar, McNeil & Varone’s expertise in school finance allows me to concentrate on the teaching and learning of the district, rather than constantly worrying that our “financial house” is not in order. Their supreme professionalism lets me sleep better at night, and their prompt responsiveness to immediate issues makes the inevitable speed bumps easier to navigate. Dittmar, McNeil & Varone are consummate professionals and valued members of my team; I expect to be associated with them for a long time to come.


Robert Pilkington, Ed.D.
Superintendent & Founder, Village Green Virtual Charter School
Providence, Rhode Island

  • 19 Mar, 2014
  • rs root

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