Susan A. Fabrizio, CSP


Susan A. Fabrizio, CSP

I’ve worked with Dittmar, McNeil & Varone CPAs, Inc. since 2004 for accounting services: corporate and personal taxes. The relationship with Dittmar, McNeil & Varone began shortly after Flagship Staffing Services opened for business. Randy Dittmar has served as an advisor and is knowledgeable about my industry, its unique financial challenges, and he is meticulously attentive to details. This firm is consistently professional, accessible and responsive. I have faith in their ability to help navigate Flagship Staffing as we continue to grow. A trusting relationship has been built, and that provides me with a level of comfort and confidence that is invaluable.


Susan A. Fabrizio, CSP
Flagship Staffing Services
Cranston, Rhode Island

  • 19 Mar, 2014
  • rs root

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